• Investment in young researchers to boost Swedish research

    PRESS RELEASE | 2016-12-01

    The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation’s investments in young researchers continue with 29 new Wallenberg Academy Fellows. The research challenges that this year’s Academy Fellows are tackling include important issues for the future, such as energy provision and public health.

  • Investing in young researchers – 29 new Wallenberg Academy Fellows

    PRESS RELEASE | 2015-12-03

    This year’s Wallenberg Academy Fellows’ research focus on, among other things, new treatment of Leukemia, on Mathematics to make way for new quantum computers, on countries’ different approaches to migrants and asylum seekers, and waste heat used to make electricity.

  • This year’s Wallenberg Academy Fellows

    PRESS RELEASE | 2014-12-04

    Sweden’s largest private investment in young researchers is continuing, with the announcement of 29 new Wallenberg Academy Fellows. The programme is financed by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation in order to provide young researchers with the opportunity to take on difficult, long-term research questions.

  • First meeting for the 2013 Fellows mentoring program

    NEWS | 2014-11-18

    In September, the 2013 Wallenberg Academy Fellows had their first meeting for the mentor programme. Several inspiring lectures was held during the day and many Fellows met their personal mentor for the first time.

  • The support programme for young researchers continues – thirty-three new Wallenberg Academy Fellows appointed

    PRESS RELEASE | 2013-11-29

    Wallenberg Academy Fellows, the career programme for young researchers launched by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation in 2012, provides long-term funding for young, promising Swedish and foreign researchers from all academic fields. Today, thirty-two new researchers are appointed to the programme.

  • Thirty young researchers to become the first Wallenberg Academy Fellows

    PRESS RELEASE | 2012-11-30

    Wallenberg Academy Fellows is the largest private initiative to support young researchers in Sweden. It is a new career programme aimed at promising researchers in all disciplines. The programme provides long-term funding and enables the best researchers to focus on their research and it contributes to the internationalization of the Swedish research environment.

  • Soon to be announced: the first Wallenberg Academy Fellows

    NEWS | 2012-11-12

    On Friday 30 November the first Wallenberg Academy Fellows will be presented. 25 young researchers have been selected to receive funding enabling them to focus on their projects and address difficult research questions over an extended period of time.