Dimos Dimarogonas

Associate prof. KTH Royal Institute of Technology Engineering sciences Year of admission: 2015

Will teach robots to be flexible and cooperative partners
Contemporary robots or machines are often programmed to perform a set task. As a Wallenberg Academy Fellow, Dimos Dimarogonas will develop a system that allows robots and other electronic units to consider their surroundings when making decisions and to cooperate with humans.

Imagine a future in which robots participate in a rescue mission. Their task is to go into a burning building and look for survivors. For the rescue work to be effective they must be able to cooperate and take decisions based on what the other robots do. If two robots are on the way onto the same room, one of them should, for example, choose to change route.

Current robots are rarely this flexible, but Associate Professor Dimos Dimarogonas at KTH will develop a system in which robots and other electronic components, called agents, should be able to process information from their surroundings and take flexible decisions based on what is happening. Unlike in previous research, he will try to develop a decentralized and asynchronous system, in which each agent is an individual agent that takes its own decisions.

In the future, systems with cooperative robots and machines could be needed within the transport sector, for example, in industrial manufacturing processes or, as in the above example, in search and rescue missions.


Photo: Markus Marcetic